Dear ♥ Vocalist -Overall Thoughts-

It’s been a long time since I listened to a drama cd series. I decided to give this series a shot since it looked interesting and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed!


The story is about 6 vocalists who belong to Climax Records. They have talents but they have their own problems. So the executive chairman gives them one final chance to make their last songs. If they fail to sell well, they’ll get fired. So they’re betting their survival on these last songs.

The CDs contain 2 character songs and 3 situation tracks.

🔷Click on the character’s names to see their MVs🔷




chara01.pngLUMIERE’s vocalist. 20 years old.

Loves his girlfriend so much! She is his top priority. He is all deredere with her. He takes care of his public image so he shows his sweet side only in front of his girlfriend. He is stoic in front of others.

He also loves cats and strawberry shortcake. He has zero photography skills 😂

Very passionate about his job so he can be sharp/strict with the other members and staff.

I don’t see any problems with him tbh. He becomes hotheaded sometimes but that’s all. Nothing serious really 🤷🏻‍♀️

I was surprised by how sweet and full of sugar his CD was 😂 I was expecting some dark shit and feelings of despair (because this is Rejet we’re talking about 👀) but don’t get me wrong I enjoyed his CD very much and he’s really cute and sweet 💕

Both his songs are really good! I especially like Hyacinth!




chara02.pngDie Fledermaus’s vocalist. He is a real professional, stoic and the only one acknowledged by the chairman.

23 years old. Loves coffee and studying foreign languages. He is like a brother figure to the members.

Oresama but really kind and caring. Serious about his job and has pride in it. His fans are called “Schwester” which means sisters.

His relationship with his band members is pretty good.

He cares about his girlfriend dearly and loves her very much. I think he’s actually a スパダリ (super darling).

I don’t see any problems with him too. Actually, he is too perfect!

Ciel’s songs are so cool and powerful!





chara03.pngNSFW’s vocalist. 19 years old.

Wild. You can never expect what he’ll go and do. Spending time with him is like riding a rollercoaster.

He is mischievous. A troublemaker. Sometimes he breaks stuff when he goes berserk but he is a good kid inside (´;ω;`)

Does a lot of fanservice to his fans to make his girlfriend jealous.

Bipolar. Suicidal. Mentally unstable. Even though A’ has real issues he never hurts his girlfriend❤

He is CRAZY about her. Before meeting her, he always thought of dying. He finds no meaning in living if he hadn’t met her. She is the meaning of his life. He is scared of loneliness.

I’m really glad his girlfriend supports him and pulls him from his dark thoughts.

He is also very passionate about his songs.

A’s songs are my top favorite! Especially “Kamu Kamu Mirakuru”! I could never get bored from listening to it!


img_c04 (1).jpg



Kagaribi’s vocalist. He also works as a model. 20 years old.

He is highly problematic. Has anger issues, breaks stuff all the time and usually very lazy but he is serious about his songs. He gets pissed off very easily.

Blunt and not good at communicating. Sometimes says cold stuff to his girlfriend but regrets it immediately and apologizes so he’s kind inside.







cd (1).jpg


chara05.pngVeronica’s vocalist. 22 years old. He has outstanding talent​.

A mysterious guy.

He acts like a friendly good boy in front of others, but in reality, he is the most dangerous one! He is a Do-S DV yandere type! (When all of these are put together, know that you’re destroyed) The f*cking gap between his exterior side and interior side is crazy!

Madly in love with his girlfriend. Possessive AF.

When he said “you were having fun talking with the others” while acting like a good boy in the first track I sensed a red flag… Tbh, my mind was in a state of blackout when I listened to it the first time… ( ;゚Д゚)

He is very violent with his girlfriend but that’s love. He hurts her physically and mentally but that’s also love… How to say it, it seems like he can’t show his love in other ways. He is twisted…

Also, his situation tracks are the most erotic ones.

It seems like he doesn’t particularly care about his job and gets bored easily.

I think he’s the polar opposite to Reo who is so sweet with his girlfriend but sharp with the others. Momo is nice outside but rotten inside.

I feel like he’s the type who’ll get jealous even of his own children 😰

Momo is the most Rejetっぽい character. I felt that ぞくぞく feeling while listening to his CD.

His songs are pretty good too.


cd (2).jpg


JET RAT FURY’s vocalist. 20 chara06.pngyears old.

Tsun-tsun-tsun-tsundere! Not honest about his feelings (but he wants to be more honest, it seems). Has a complex about his parents being both stars, so people don’t take his hard work seriously.

He regrets listening to his parents and becoming an idol in the past. Since he didn’t want to do it.

Lacks the strong will and depends on his girlfriend to give him a push.

Aggressive with his girlfriend and very tsun tsun and oresama with her.

He is on good terms with his band members.

In the last track, that’s a propose, right? So they’re getting engaged, right? At least, I heard it like that.

He is pretty normal. Maybe the most normal one?

I like his songs too.



Final Thoughts

Some CDs are like a sweet FD to an otome game. (Rejet please think of making this a game!)

I felt like the first song is like the theme/image of the band or their “exterior side” while the second song is about their personal feelings/thoughts or “hidden side”.

There wasn’t much focus on the “last song”, “last chance” theme but it was a really enjoyable experience!


Character Ranking


I was gonna make a song ranking as well but all of them are really good! My most favorite is A’kun’s “Kamu Kamu Mirakuru”!

I dunno if I can recommend this to everyone, but if you want normal characters then go and buy Reodo, Ciel, Judah and (2)You. If you love crazy characters go for A’ and Momochi! Or if you are interested only in the songs, then go ahead and buy it! They’re totally worth it!

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