Collar X Malice -Unlimited- Overall Thoughts

DPDqv--VQAIRmQv.jpgTitle: Collar×Malice -Unlimited-
Developer/Publishers: Otomate & Design Factory/ Idea Factory
Release Date: 2018
Official Website

Collar x Malice Fan Disc. It includes:

1- The Interlude which is like an alternate story to open each character’s after stories. You’ll feel thrill like in the previous game.

Story: “One day in December, a client visits the Detectives’ Office to make a request of searching for his friend, they try to drive him away at first but when they sense Adonis might be connected to this case……”

2- After storiesDaEyl9GV4AAODyM.jpg

Self-explanatory. What happened after each character’s happy ending. There are no bad endings this time, only happy and normal endings. Even normal endings are happy ✨ The sugary contents are high!


3- ADONIS route is like an AU story. Ichika joins Adonis to achieve her goal. You’ll be able to get closer to the members of Adonis and know more about them. It’s like POV of Adonis side.

4- Side Stories. Include short stories of Kazuki and Akito’s friendship, Minegishi’s story and Yoshinari’s story. You can date Minegishi and Yoshinari! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


SPOILERS AHEAD! Please skip to Final Thoughts if you don’t wanna be spoiled.









Shiraishi Kageyukiss1.jpg

I’m the type who usually starts with my favorite characters first, and I wanted to know so bad what happened to Shiraishi after the main game. I wanted to see him happy with Ichika. (´;д;`)loading.png

Shiraishi looks so HOT with a ponytail 😍🔥 And I love his fashion sense! ❤

I noticed that Kurose knew Shiraishi before and had negative feelings towards him from the Interlude. His attitude towards Shiraishi was obvious.

Shiraishi’s route in a nutshell: his past, regretting killing Mikuni, becoming more and more human and realizing Mikuni’s real wish.

I was glad they showed us his past.

At first, I was worried that Kurose might make Shiraishi’s route a mess. But actually, I’m grateful to him because Shiraishi and Ichika were able to meet faster thanks to him.ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

so sexy with wet hair ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)

Shiraishi is so pure and precious as usual *゚。+(n´v`n)+。゚* He is the most innocent guy💕

I was so happy that his dreams came true from the previous game and the drama cd. (Going to the amusement park and promising to go to the onsen)

When I knew I was in the last chapter and they still haven’t solved the problem with Kurose, I started panicking Σ(´Д`;) because when will they make out then?! When will they be able to stay together like a normal couple without any chains binding them?!

Regardless, his route was really good and well-written. If they just make out without facing their sins it wouldn’t be real happiness after all.

Baby please stop crying 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

The epilogue killed me (ノ∀;`) It just shows how humane and kind he has become when he volunteers in the orphanage (of orphans who were taken by Adonis). And the propose scene was so beautiful. When the word “family” comes from his mouth, it has a big impact (´;ω;`) One day for sure, Ichika is going to make all his dreams come true (`;ω;´)

So beautiful ✨ The bed sheet is like a wedding veil 💖

It was so heartwarming knowing there were people who still trust him even after knowing what he did.

2019-04-17-140631.jpgI loved Mikuni more and more after Shiraishi’s route. Their friendship might not be normal but they were close to each other.

Shiraishi wasn’t a puppet without feelings after all, from the beginning he was human (´;ω;`)

2019-04-17-140628.jpgThe fighting scene between Kurose and Shiraishi was so cool! Aaaaah Shiraishi is perfect! He’s strong, tall, handsome and very pure and kind (♡´艸`)

I lowkey want a side story where Kurose understands Shiraishi’s kindness and have his own wish, and I want them to become friends 😆 If that ever happens, I think Kurose will be tsun tsun towards Shiraishi but will be grateful to him inside. I think it’s gonna happen one day since Shiraishi said he won’t give up on Kurose’s future.

All his CGs are so beautiful and Shiraishi’s expressions of mixed feelings of happiness, sadness and pain are well seen. Kimura Ryouhei’s voice acting is superior as usual, and you can sense Shiraishi’s feelings through him.

Tbh, I wanted them to make out more and see them dating without any chains binding them… (´・ω・`) I wanted to see Shiraishi and Ichika married and living together happily… But regardless I liked his route the most. It was really cute and full of moe moments!

His Short Story is so destructive I died RIP me _:(´ཀ` ∠):_


A BUTLER!!! ∑(° ་། °*) Does Otomate want to kill me or what?! I still haven’t written my will lol _:(´ཀ` ∠):_ I’m weak to butlers!!! ・:*:・:(*゚Д゚*):・:*:・RIP me again.


Okazaki Keiss4.jpg

HORNY af and wants to have s*x 24/7 ( *´艸`) The game they played where they tell each other what parts of each other they love was so cute (*´∀`*)

Kei is really sharp as usual. He noticed that Saeki was abnormally “normal” when he met him…

2019-04-30-224456.jpgThey looked so beautiful in the party. Ichika looked like a princess and Kei like her knight (●´ー`●) And it was solved that he should do his job without being hesitant like in the past.

Honestly, I didn’t feel Kei was annoying/troublesome as people said in the main game. But when he didn’t give an immediate answer to Ichika’s propose and knowing his reasons made me realize how troublesome he really is ( ̄∀ ̄) He is a BIG HETARE  (( ^∀^ )) Well, thinking about how he lived for dying before meeting Ichika and considering how mentally unstable he is, just thinking about the future means he matured a lot.

2019-04-30-224503.jpgYoshinari is such a good partner. He was really cool in Kei’s route.

Warning! Lots of complaints ahead!

…These parts were okay. But his route was a disappointment to me. I felt his route was full of fanservice and lacking plot. I love fanservice and all FDs should be full of fanservice but the plot is also important. You know that もやもや (hazy) feeling when you can’t express what exactly is making you dissatisfied but you feel there’s something lacking? I felt like they didn’t know what to do with his route. And I felt like they wanted to make him a yandere so badly (even though he really isn’t) maybe to make him popular with fans? Well, I love yanderes so that didn’t bother me as much as how they kept making Ichika getting jealous over unnecessary things. Some things were obviously normal but Ichika was annoyingly jealous over stupid stuff. And she did some questionable things like accepting to go to a party which was mainly to find a partner. I was wondering “is that really Ichika that I love?” (;^ω^)

There is no trust in their relationship even though that’s the most important thing in any relationship duh.

Getting jealous is totally normal and cute but not if it’s overused like in Kei’s route and his extras.

What I am always worried about before playing FDs is whether they will drag along already solved problems in the FD. And yes, they did it in Kei’s route…

I felt like they just added random things to make his route as long as the others…

I usually ignore flaws in routes and games in general if I liked them overall but I couldn’t in Kei’s route. It was a major disappointment that I can’t like him as much as before ( ̄- ̄)Maybe because Kei was one of my favorite characters I wanted him to have a better route…

I hope you don’t get Hypertension because of the extreme amount of salt I wrote in Kei’s part. 🙇🏻‍♀️


Yanagi Aijiss5.jpg

Everything is solved and going well in his route, his relationship with his family, their pasts, the kidnapper, other characters doing their best living their lives, Ichika never giving up to face Saeki, they get married. The happiest happy ending.

2019-04-27-012354.jpgYanagi and Shiraishi are the best combo after all (´;ω;`)Their friendship is so precious (´;ω;`)There will come a day when they can spend time together and talk like normal friends for sure (´;ω;`)I wanted to see more of his interactions with Shiraishi in the past.

His older brother is cute and awkward.

One of the things that made me happy in his route is that Saeki didn’t give up on Ichika.


Sasazuka Takeruss2.jpg

Takeru is a good guy at heart he is just way too forceful (but he knows Ichika is okay with it). He also cares about Kazuki and properly talks with him before moving in together with Ichika and before proposing to her. (Well, he should tell her before anyone though (^_^;)

I liked how they focused on how Kazuki matured and how he found his own independence.


Enomoto Mineoss3.jpg

I left him for last because I wanted to end the after stories with a character I like and I wanted to have a lighthearted feeling before starting Adonis route.

I love Kazuki’s relationship with Mineo the most. They are like close brothers. Mineo cares about Kazuki and Kazuki ships Ichika with Mineo so hard 😂


Congratulations on graduating being a virgin, Mineo! 😂

Personally, I really love pure characters the most and these “first time ***” situations make my heart go doki doki so hard💕 I love the pure and innocent mood of these characters💖



This is like an alternative universe story where Ichika becomes a member of ADONIS.

At first, I thought this was a continuation to what happened after that bad end in Yanagi’s route, but I noticed so many differences between the two endings, like the criminals not being caught by the police, and Ichika knowing about Takeru’s past…etc. So when I checked, it was stated clearly on the official blog that this is not a derivation from any character’s route. So Ichika isn’t in love with any of them, but it seems she was relatively close to them since they all came to rescue her when she went to Saeki, including Shiraishi and her knowing about Takeru’s will of revenge. You can think of it as a good(?) bad ending.

Story: 2 years after the X-Day coming to a standstill, Ichika is now a high-ranked member of Adonis. One month before the revival of X-Day, Zero asks Ichika to investigate the executors to see if there is a traitor.

What made Ichika join Adonis? Well…

2 years ago, Kazuki died in an accident which Adonis was involved in. Ichika goes to Zero to take revenge, but the detective agency members come to rescue her and stop her from doing so. Zero becomes disappointed and sad and kills all of them (except Takeru who was supporting them with information from another place). Ichika decides that only killing him isn’t enough, she wants him to feel despair and destroy Adonis.


The members of Adonis are all pretty normal people. They just… uh… killed people. Most of them are really fun to be with.


Souda Manabu

I was interested in him since the first game. This guy is MOE!

Souda is just a sensitive and lonely guy. He wears weapons to make people not look lightly of him. He felt fear and was hunt by nightmares after what he did. He is cute I wanted a short romantic route for him. Adonis Ichika and Souda.


Sera Akito

I didn’t ship him with Ichika before, but when Ichika asked him what’s his favorite girl type and he answered “you” I died. He is younger than her but he is calm and acts older than his age so I think they would be so cute together.

When he said he is afraid of all types of bugs I felt a bond with him lol.



Zero has an attachment to “normal”. Maybe because he was lacking it…

He was captivated by Ichika, who was normal and had a strong will to fight against evil.

The biggest reason he had an attachment towards Ichika, however, is that she is the only one who loved him. Their friendship was pure and honest. She had deep affection. Because she felt this way towards him, he wanted to know what kind of strong emotion she will feel towards him when she knows he is evil.

He tests her and controls her emotions by making her spend time with the other criminals who are originally normal people to bring out the hatred within. He is like the devil who pushes her to the depths of darkness. The strong hatred she turns only towards him makes him feel his existence is recognized.

I thought I understood him more after playing Adonis route, but there are a lot of things I still don’t understand about him. 😔

Deep inside, he wanted her to rescue him… He wished to spend time with Ichika like normal friends, and even lovers (´;д;`)

I want to see his happy ending with Ichika 😭 Please Otomate make him dateable😭

One of the best parts ever, when Ichika said: “You were my last meaning of living”. That ending is so beautiful y’all I’m crying 😭

Final Thoughts


After Stories

All characters have some sort of wounds in the past, they pretty much solved them well. We get to see them while working and know more about their personal lives.

Yanagi: Ichika is so cute in Yanagi’s route. And Yanagi is スパダリ (Super Darling). Yanagi and Ichika is the perfect couple in this game. (Doesn’t mean Yanagi is my favorite character though). They did so many kinds of delicious situations couples do. His route is full of happiness and everything is solved. He has the ultimate happy ending. Every Yanagi fan will love his route for sure!

Kei: Kei’s route is 90% fanservice. Most of his route they’re making out so you will be satisfied in that aspect. If Kei is your favorite you may not feel satisfied regarding the plot though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MineoMineo is cool and cute as usual. He isn’t a hetare anymore tbh, he has matured a lot. You can see his serious side at work which was really cool. There are so many sweet moments in his route, you’ll be satisfied if you love him.

TakeruTakeru’s bgm is perfect for him 🎶 His route is as sweet as donuts and you can see so many cute sides of him. Everything was solved in a good way so Takeru fans will be satisfied for sure.

Shiraishi: Shiraishi’s route is the most platonic one. It’s serious and has sad moments and it’s full of tears but this time it’s more heartwarming. It’s still bittersweet but not BITTERsweet like the previous game and the ending is so beautiful✨💕

The sugar content in the after stories is so high you’ll get diabetes😂


Adonis Ichika is so cool and I love her style so much! I love most Adonis members after playing this route! It was really GOOD! Though, now I ship some of them with Ichika and I want to see that so badly 😭 But the most important thing is 👏🏻LET 👏🏻US 👏🏻DATE 👏🏻SAEKI👏🏻

The ending is written so beautifully I love it so much 😭

Side Stories

The side stories were really interesting too! I loved Yoshinari’s story the most! I didn’t expect to love him this much after playing his route 💖


The CGs are so pretty! Hanamura Mai’s art quality raised so much. All the CGs are beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!! (Personally, I prefer normal CGs over chibi CGs.)

If you love CxM, you should buy the FD! You’ll get to know more about ALL the characters and love them more!

Route Ranking


Character Ranking


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