Tiny x Machinegun


Genre: Policeman Hero, Crime, Violence
Developer/Publishers: Rejet/IMbullet
Release Date: 2013
Official Website

Story: New York is the safest and most peaceful city in the world. Captain Vaneast’s newest policeman Tiny McDaniel is working hard to become a hero day and night. While aiming to be recognized by Reigand McDaniel, a Vaneast Hero and her older brother who is active at the forefront, the days continue without her being involved in decent missions.

One day, a black angel who brings nightmares to NYC have descended. Suddenly, a brutal incident occured where bullets flew into the world’s most peaceful city, and innocent people were killed indiscriminately. Captain Vaneast, drowned in peace and taken by surprise, had no way to stop it. People are terrified when the identity of the criminal emerges. In NYC, where the red moon floats, a secret project has just begun.

⚠ SPOILERS AHEAD! Please skip to Final Thoughts if you don’t wanna be spoiled ⚠












Reigand McDaniel

2019-10-18 (11)

Vaneast’s captain and gunman. He is serious, calm and collected but also passionate. He is Tiny’s half brother.

Reigand is the grandson of the legendary hero, Bradley McDaniel. Reigand is now Vaneast’s superhero.

He took Tiny to live with him 5 years ago when her mother died.

2019-10-18 (6)

I had conflicted feelings for him at first because he and Tiny are related by blood. But he is so perfect I couldn’t help it. Above that, he is voiced by Sakupyon! It’s near impossible not to fall for him, okay?!

He is really the perfect brother, unlike other Rejet oniichans, He isn’t a dangerous one. He is a little bit of a yandere but he can control himself, he doesn’t lock the heroine up, doesn’t push himself on her, doesn’t get in the way of her love life. He would be a perfect brother even IRL if he didn’t have romantic feelings for his sister. I wish they were cousins, at least. I wonder how did they get married though lol.

2019-10-18 (12)
one of my fav bad endings!

Reigand’s route was pretty enjoyable. I’m glad I did him first. I liked all of his endings too.



Midou Zen

2019-10-18 (9)

A messy old man who lives alone drinking all the time and watching porn. He was once a Vaneast hero, but because he wanted to take revenge for his wife and daughter, he became a wanted criminal.2019-10-18 (8)Old men and playboys are my least fav types. Ugh, I can’t handle them. Zen was also married and had a daughter. Also, he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. (ಠ_ಠ) As if him being an old man wasn’t enough. But I’m relieved Zen’s route isn’t much romantic and it doesn’t have a kiss scene. Whew ε-(´・`) フ Actually his route had a lot of funny scenes with everyone so it was pretty enjoyable.





2019-10-18 (13)

A super driver belonging to Vaneast who can ride anything. He gets along well with Reigand and often act together. He is a playboy but has a warm heart. He is like a big brother to Tiny and Heinz.

As I mentioned above I don’t like playboys. 🤮 Zen and Wolf are more likable when they aren’t dateable.

His route was disappointing af.

2019-10-18 (14)
Tiny is so cute! 🥰

Tiny got over her brother’s death so fast. I mean it’s true she got over their deaths the same period of time in Break and Lian’s routes, but that made sense more. She was moved by her will of revenge, she was lonely and had nobody to rely on. And if she stopped she would be betraying them, she was the only one who survived so she had to move forward. But in Wolf’s route, they didn’t show us Tiny griefing her brother that much, even though she adored him so much.



Lian Jenkins

2019-10-18 (20)

The Mayor’s son. He is the young General Manager of Jacklost Company. Most of his inventions are strange. However, he’s surprisingly popular with citizens. He dreamed of becoming a hero, but because of an incident where he was “saved” by Vaneast, he lost his legs.

He’s full of himself but has a complex because he lost his legs and can’t become a hero. He keeps blaming others all the time so he’s not really my fav. But he’s pure like a kid and has a strong sense of justice.

2019-10-18 (22)

Lian’s route was half-assed IMO. They didn’t even explain what really happened to his legs, I think Captain Vaneast saved him from an incident but they couldn’t save him in time or maybe made a mistake so he lost his legs. Maybe something like the incident when Lian saved a boy but because he made a mistake, the boy lost his legs.




2019-10-18 (21)

The most dangerous prisoner. A serial killer. He finds pleasure in killing and torturing others. Break has a strong grudge against the McDaniel family. 

I was interested in him from the beginning. (♥ω♥*) Whenever Break appears in every route I get excited and can’t wait to play his route.

Tatsuhisa’s voice acting is otherworldly! Really amazing!

Tiny and the others will get killed by him in EVERY route (except Heinz’s).

2019-10-18 (7)

Break is a Nosferatu. He won’t die even if blown to bits. He is not a human and has killing and destruction instincts.

Break has a grudge against the McDaniel family because Bradley captured him and put him in Ossining Maximum Security Prison. He swore to kill him and everyone related to him. Almost 20 years passed, Bradley was killed (by the World Order Organization), so Break was shocked when he knew about it. I feel like Break might have had some expectations that Bradley, who was equally strong as him, would be able to kill him. Break lives to die… He drags his undead body searching for a purpose and a way to die. He doesn’t have a purpose in life so his grudge against McDaniel’s family is what drives him to live. It is what makes him him. A purpose he gave himself.

2019-10-18 (24)

Then, the World Order Organization came to take Break and started doing horrible experiments on him for 20 f*cking years! (ᗒᗩᗕ)

As I was advancing his route, I felt like there was no hope at all. I literally had to stop and take a deep breath then continue.

The scariest moments were when he tried to rip her uterus and when he shot her leg. I really lost hope in these moments. He was successful in giving me despair. (_ _|||) Especially when he shot her leg, I thought everything was going well and they’ll run together ///orz///

I wish they explained more about his origin and about him as a person. What other things he likes except killing, what was he doing before getting caught…etc.

Nevertheless, I really liked Break and Tiny’s interactions. I loved their fights, when they talk with each other calmly, when Tiny gave him water (I wanted a CG for this scene so bad!), when she took him by surprise in the middle of the fight by telling him “I love you”, when she held his hands when he was having a nightmare, when they hugged… Aaaaah! EVERYTHING!

The fact that he wants to be the one killing her and be killed by her and vice versa is just wonderful!

There were moments when I felt Break wanted to remind Tiny not to lose to the Organization by reminding her he killed her dear brother and companions. I felt like he didn’t want to see her get depressed because of other reasons than him.

I feel like he couldn’t accept their relationship to be other than enemies, he wanted her to be a hero full of justice, so when Tiny told him she’ll go with him even if he continues killing, he shot her leg to incite her to keep chasing him and not say these words again. Maybe he pushed her away because he didn’t wanna drag her into his shitty life or to show her she won’t be able to live with someone like him. Honestly, his thinking is such a mystery. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But the fact that he shot the handcuffs was to give her a way to run.

I think he was willing to entrust himself to Tiny’s idea in the “happy” end was because she was the only one who stayed by him, tried to understand him and free him from his pain. At least, he won’t be used forever by the Organization, so he can live in peace|ω;`)

2019-10-18 (26)

My tear gland exploded when Break thanked Tiny (╥﹏╥) His gentle smile, expression of relief, loneliness, gratitude. Just thinking about the long time he will spend alone in the shelter makes me… 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。  I wish he won’t have nightmares anymore. I wish they meet in their dreams (┬┬﹏┬┬)

Tiny continues being a real hero fighting evil and the Organization so nobody will think of using Break again.

His normal end was happier than the happy end lol because they can spend more time together chasing each other. In the bad end, Tiny finally understands his suffering in a real meaning. She was in extreme pain, left alone, feeling despair. But it was too late because she died. Break was shocked when he knew Tiny died (even though he is the one who shot her ಠ_ಠ) He expected her to chase him and come to kill him. He swore to get rid of all her clones as an offering to her.

2019-10-18 (27)

In the dead end, Tiny tells Break she is pregnant with his child (he r*ped her in the desert…) and begs him to kill her without any trace. At first, he’s amused because this is a good way to torment her but when Tiny tells him the child is probably a Nosferatu like him and her body became undead because of the child, he takes her to the giant furnace where their regeneration won’t be able to catch up. He was wondering why he didn’t do this before… I feel like Break didn’t want Tiny and his child to suffer the same miserable life he had. He didn’t want to pass the loneliness and pain he went through. Maybe he wanted to gain something and have a purpose in his empty life… I was hoping they will live together forever with their child though ╯︿╰

The fact that Break can feel pain and has physiological human needs like sleep, food, water just make it more painful (´∩`。) Thinking about the time he never slept or ate anything is just heart-breaking. 💔 This is the first time I wanted a character I love to die. I want him to rest in peace. Someone, please save him. His life is living hell. 💔

It hurts (T_T) I wanted them to be happy, I wished an “otome game miracle” happened and everything turned out all right… But I loved all of his endings. His endings make you feel these types of endings are also good.

Now, this is just my otome brain but I feel like Break’s persistence on killing Tiny is a form of love since he has killing instincts. So him wanting to kill and being killed by Tiny is the ultimate form of love (◕ᴗ◕✿) (I’m just trying to forget the pain lol)


Heinz Siegbert

2019-10-18 (16)

A boy police officer dispatched from a German security organization. Has outstanding reflexes and is good at handling firearms.

Heinz is serious, blunt, strict and a little bit of a tease. He is so moe and cute. I love his relationship with Tiny. I’m glad he has the true ending. 2019-10-18 (18)

While working with Tiny and Vaneast members, Heinz starts doubting, or rather realize his “justice” is not right. But he is in a situation where it’s difficult to pass on his will. In his bad endings, he dies trying to fight the secret World-Order Organisation, in his normal end, Break kills the members of the organization, Heinz doesn’t need to be with them anymore. In the truth end, he fakes his death by the help of Captain Vaneast and he hides his whereabouts so the World-Order Organisation doesn’t know about him. They prepare to fight the organization. After some years, they found a way to kill Break (He can finally rest!) and ready to fight the organization so they go and win against them. It was a satisfying ending!

2019-10-18 (17)

Heinz’s route has a big depiction of “what is justice? What kind of justice is right?” Tiny x Machinegun is all about observing justice and what is right or wrong, but it was depicted strongly in his route.




2019-10-18 (28)

Final Thoughts

I’m really surprised by how underrated this game is. Is it because of the dateable characters? 🤔 Well, there is a half brother, 34 years old man, and 27 years old man dating a 15 yrs girl. But the main focus is on the plot, not romance, more like the characters’ friendship and trust so it didn’t bother me.

TxM is pretty long, but it’s really a riveting game. I forgot the time while playing it. Unfortunately, it’s not fully voiced though. But honestly, as I was advancing the game, that too didn’t bother me. I wanted Tiny to be fully voiced in the latter half like the others. (´。_。`) I was happy she talks in the Special Voice, though, which is really rare (maybe a first?).

What is Justice? What is Evil? What’s a True Hero? What’s Peace? A story about an examination of justice. About corruption and judgement. Certainly, justice exists because there is evil. Citizen’s nasty side of human nature is also shown. When they’re protected, they praise the heroes, but when something goes wrong they forget everything they did right.

This game is serious and really bloody, people are killed all the time. There are moe and cute moments though so don’t worry. All the endings are really good even the bad ones. It’s not only “okay, they died. BAD END”, but also shows us what happens to the people left behind, can they fight depression…etc.

The sprites’ lip-sync and changing expressions are smooth. There are skip and jump features. 4 endings, 10 slots for quicksave, special voice…etc.

My recommended play order: Reigand→Wolf→Zen→Lian→Break→Heinz

Leave Heinz for last because he has the Truth End.

Scenario/Plot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Characters ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Art ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Music ⭐⭐⭐⭐

System ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Enjoyment Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Calling Heroine By Default Name ✅

Heroine Sprite ✅

Voiced Heroine ✅

Favorite Route Ranking


Favorite Character Ranking



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